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November 23, 2014

Mountain Trails Galleries –

Workin' Rancho El Oso
November 01, 2014

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"Workin' Rancho El Oso

Marcia Molnar

36 x 48



Once again Marcia has captured another timeless moment of ranching life.  Many families of ranchers have experienced the labors of working cattle and the satisfaction of continuing a tradition that has endured for generations.

Annual Sculpture Show at Mountain Trails in Sedona
November 7, 2014

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Opening Reception First Friday, November 7, 2014, 5-8pm

The Annual Sculpture Show at Mountain Trails Galleries at Tlaquepaque features the gallery’s family of award-winning sculptors who will debut newly completed works in bronze as well as never before seen clay models for bronze including work by Vic Payne, Dustin Payne, Susan Kliewer, Michael Trcic, and Deon Duncan.  Also sculpture by Sandy Scott, Jim Gilmore, and Ed Yazzi.  Reception:  First Friday, November 7, 2014, 5-8pm.  Mountain Trails Galleries at Tlaquepaque, 336 SR 179, upstairs Suite A201, Sedona, Arizona (928-282-3225) (800-527-6556). Open daily 10-5. 

IMAGE:  Vic Payne, Into the Wild, bronze, 16”H x 33”L x 13”D

October 2014 Plein Air Festivities at Mountain Trails Gallery

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October 2014 Plein Air Festivities at Mountain Trails Gallery

Mountain Trails Gallery in the beautiful City of Sedona celebrates the season with new paintings by plein air master painters Joshua Been, Betty Carr, Howard Carr, Bill Cramer, Cody DeLong, Adele Earnshaw, Joe Garcia, Shanna Kunz, Marcia Molnar, EJ Paprocki, Jordyn Payne, and Dave Santillanes.  Just like the French Impressionists, these landscape artists love to paint in the outdoors (in the open air) where they capture exquisite moments in time with the changing light, atmosphere, and weather conditions.  Their vibrant colorful oils bring the world they see to life as they quickly and confidently capture the essence of their subjects rather than focusing on the details.  The viewer’s eye itself then finishes the painting.  Throughout Sedona and Red Rock County during October, a selection of these artists will be participating in workshops, painting demonstrations, and the 10th Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival, so opportunities to meet artists and watch them as they create new works of art will be abundant.  IMAGE:  EJ Paprocki, Oak Creek, oil, 20x16 inches

The Colors of Autumn at Mountain Trails Galleries in Sedona
October 3, 2014

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Opening Reception First Friday, October 3, 2014, 5-8pm

The Colors of Autumn at Mountain Trails Galleries at Tlaquepaque in Sedona features colorful and vibrant paintings by the gallery’s award-winning landscape and still-life painters:  Betty Carr, Howard Carr, Bill Cramer, Joshua Been, Cody DeLong, Dave Santillanes, Joe Garcia, Adele Earnshaw, Jordyn Payne, Shanna Kunz, Simon Winegar, and EJ Paprocki.  Also featured are new paintings by Marcia Molnar, George Molnar, and Shasta Molnar.   Introducing the fine art of pyrography on paper by Julie Bender.  Mountain Trails is synonymous with sculpture from the American West and Vic Payne and his son Dustin Payne sontinue to keep that history alive with their dynamic story-telling bonrzes of explorers, adventurers, cowboys, and the Native American culture.  Susan Kliewer, Michael Trcic, Deon Duncan, Jim Gilmore, Sandy Scott and Ed Yazzi round out the offerings of fine art scullpture.     Reception:  First Friday, October 3, 2014, 5-8pm.  Open daily 10am-5pm.  336 SR 179, Suite A201 upstairs, Sedona, Arizona (800-527-6556)  IMAGE:  Betty Carr, Western Skies, 16 x 12, oil

Stories from the West: Reception: First Friday, September 5, 2014, 5-8pm
September 5, 2014

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Stories from the West at Mountain Trails Galleries opens with a reception on First Friday, September 5, 2014, from 5-8pm. Intriguing historical accounts and spirited renditions from the American West will be featured in the bronze art work by Master storytellers Vic Payne, Dustin Payne, Susan Kliewer, Michael Trcic, and Deon Duncan. Steven Lang of Cherokee and Pawnee descent, southwest historian and artifact painter Lisa Danielle, tribal traditions by Vicki Catapano, mountain man and buffalo hunter Dan Deuter, and the cowboy and cowgirl ways of Don Weller, Marcia Molnar, and Sarah Phippen will be featured in paintings. Open daily 10-5pm. Image: Vic Payne - The Gift 1913 depicts Buffalo Bill Cody, Prince Albert I and Chief Plenty Coups. Study, Limited Edition 10, 31Hx36Lx23D.  800-527-6556


Summer Group Show
August 1, 2014

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We hope you'll join us as we showcase new wildlife watercolors by California artist Joe Garcia, iconic western barns by Utah oil painter Simon Winegar and debut the working cowboy paintings by master watercolorist Don Weller. We welcome Don to our family of artists! First Friday opening is from 5-8pm and local artists Susan Kliewer, Michael Trcic and Lisa Danielle will be in attendance. Show runs through August 24th.

Enduring Traditions in Bronze - Sculpture from the American West
July 4, 2014

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Mountain Trails Gallery in Tlaquepaque celebrates Independence Day with Enduring Traditions in Bronze:  Sculpture from the American West which opens with a reception on First Friday, July 4, 2014, from 5-8pm.   Native American traditions, cowboy and cowgirl traditions, as well as family traditions are embodied in the bronze sculptures of Vic Payne, Dustin Payne, Susan Kliewer, Michael Trcic, Deon Duncan, Sandy Scott, Jim Gilmore, and Ed Yazzie.  These bronze sculptors are all inspired by their love of American history and their intention to preserve their own Western history in the art they create.   We invite you to stop in and celebrate with these fine artists.  Dustin Payne, Call of Duty, Bronze, ed. 35, 23”H x 17”W x 8”D 


Women of the West - Painting and Sculpture
June 6, 2014

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Women of the West

Opening Exhibition & Reception Friday, June 6, 2014, 5-8pm

Mountain Trails Galleries in Tlaquepaque, Sedona, Arizona

Paintings and sculpture by some of the leading women artists in Arizona as well as the West.  The exhibition will showcase cowboys and cowgirls, historical figures and objects, Native American culture, landscapes, florals, domestic animals and wildlife.  Remarkable paintings by Marcia Molnar, Vicki Catapano, Lisa Danielle, Betty Carr, Brigitte Woosley, Sarah Phippen, Jordyn Payne, Maria D'Angelo, Amery Bohling, Adele Earnshaw, Katie Dowling, Shanna Kunz; outstanding sculpture by Deon Duncan, Susan Kliewer, and Sandy Scott.  IMAGE:  Susan Kliewer, Healing Dress Dancer, Bronze, 25Hx10Wx 7.5D

At Work and at Play in the West at Mountain Trails Galleries in Sedona
May 2, 2014, 5-8pm

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Opening Reception First Friday
Mountain Trails Galleries in Sedona is delighted to present At Work and at Play in the West which opens with a reception on First Friday, May 2, 2014, 5-8pm and features a selection of the gallery’s stellar roster of artists who depict the West that they know best.   The art work highlights historic and present day activities of ranchers, working cowboys and cowgirls, animals, and children in the paintings of Marcia Molnar, George Molnar, Brigitte Woosley, Betty Carr, Vicki Catapano, Lisa Danielle, and Sarah Phippen.  Also featured are bronze sculptures by Vic Payne, Dustin Payne, Susan Kliewer, Michael Trcic, and Deon Duncan.
 Julie Williams, Gallery Director, speaks about the show, “There is so much hard work involved in the lifestyle of ranchers and horse people. All the artists in this show are inspired by their extensive research and by their own personal experiences.  Their passion for creating an expressive painting or sculpture comes from their awareness of what it takes to live and work in the wide open spaces with the animals and nature in all kinds of weather, and that gets translated into dynamic works of art.”
Julie Williams concludes, “This roundup of high spirited artists all express the fun and satisfaction in working hard, playing

The Grand Canyon 7 Painting Exhibition Opening Reception 5-8pm
April 4, 2014

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Mountain Trails Galleries in beautiful Tlaquepaque is proud to present the annual painting exhibition for The Grand Canyon 7 which opens on First Friday, April 4th, with a reception from 5-8pm.  Participating in this year’s event will be Joshua Been, Amery Bohling, Bill Cramer, George Molnar, Marcia Molnar, Dave Santillanes, and newest member Cody DeLong.   This year’s exhibition at Mountain Trails will showcase new Grand Canyon paintings as well as other paintings inspired by their travels throughout Arizona and beyond. Image:  Cody DeLong, Castles in the Sky, oil, 36x48

Dustin Payne and Sarah Phippen: Western Heritage Lives On
March 7, 2014

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Ranching traditions and Western art history come together in this dynamic two-person show by descendants of well-known artists and ranchers who settled the West. Oil paintings by Sarah Phippen and bronze sculpture by Dustin Payne. Exhibition through March 25, 2014

Mountain Trails Galleries is located in beautiful Sedona, Arizona in historical Tlaquepaque. Renowned for its reputation for fine art, Mountain Trails Galleries prides itself in representing many of the Southwest's most coveted sculptors and painters.

From the legacy of three generations of the Payne family, whose passion for the Old West is captured in their exquisite works of bronze to the amazing pallets of our many artists and their interpretation of the West, you will be mesmerized by the diversity of fine art.

Enjoy a fascinating visit with award winning artists such as Betty Carr, Lisa Danielle, Susan Kliewer and Sandy Scott as they create their Masterpieces in our gallery. For those with discriminating taste, a visit to Mountain Trails Gallery is a must!