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Shows & Events

The Grand Canyon 7 opening exhibition reception 5-8pm
April 4, 2014

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Mountain Trails Galleries in beautiful Tlaquepaque is proud to present the annual painting exhibition for the Grand Canyon 7 which opens on First Friday, April 4th, with a reception from 5-8pm.  Participating in this year’s event will be Joshua Been, Amery Bohling, Bill Cramer, George Molnar, Marcia Molnar, Dave Santillanes, and newest member Cody DeLong.   All these award-winning artists have a history of painting at the Grand Canyon, including at the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art held each fall at the South Rim.  This festive alliance of painters all banned together after meeting there and discovering their common passion for art.  This year’s exhibition at Mountain Trails will showcase new Grand Canyon paintings as well as other paintings inspired by their travels throughout Arizona and beyond. 

All the GC7 artists bring a personal touch to their paintings:  Joshua Been’s  intriguing technical style and energetic brush stroke;  Amery Bohling’s love of the remote and rugged outdoor terrain in all kinds of weather;  Bill Cramer’s ability to see what’s essential, adding rich layers of paint to his unique views from his rock climbing experience;  George Molnar’s ability to capture the life-like essence of his subjects; Marcia Molnar’s gift to walk the line between traditional and contemporary realism as she captures the spiritual nature of her favorite subjects; Dave A. Santillanes’ eye for the layers of light and complex architecture of the landscape or vista; and Cody DeLong’s passionate color and brush strokes to express the grandeur of the Grand Canyon as well as the warm beauty of his local home.  All these plein-air painters bring to light their experiences and understandings of the world around them, and it is their intention to share these experiences with all who stop and ponder the majesty and splendor of nature at its finest.

 “Our collectors and friends have been anticipating the return of the Grand Canyon 7 show and looking forward to seeing new work by this talented group of artists.  Each one spurs the other on to paint something special.  This energetic alliance created some of the best paintings ever of the Grand Canyon as well as other subjects that intrigue and inspire,” spoke Julie Williams, Director of Mountain Trails Galleries in Sedona.  “It’s a show not to be missed.”

at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona

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